Bobine pour électrovanne

Les électrovannes et bobines Danfoss sont habituellement commandées séparément afin de permettre une flexibilité maximale dans le choix de la vanne et de la bobine convenant le mieux à vos besoins. Le programme de bobines Danfoss inclut le système clip-on ainsi que les bobines traditionnelles à élément de fixation fileté. En outre, les homologations EEx/ATEX et UL nous permettent d'offrir une large gamme de bobines d'application spécifique telles que, par exemple, les environnements à vapeur ou dangereux.
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Why does the valve not close?
Valve issues: Check if there is dirt in the main orifice. Check for outside damage of the valve – e.g. has it been dropped? (Bent armature tube) Check if the equalizing orifice connection is blocked because of dirt or deposits. - Check pilot filter or pilot drillings. - Armature is stuck in the armature tube. Check if the diaphragm function is limited - Because of wear or swelling (e.g. EPDM seal exposed to oil) Coils issues (only NO versions): No voltage on coil - Lift coil slightly and note whether it offers resistance. - Note: Never remove a coil with voltage applied - it might burn out. Incorrect voltage/frequency - Check to make sure that coil data is the same as the installation data. Measure the operating voltage at the coil. - Permissible voltage variation: - V±10% for dual frequency; dc and NO applications - +10% / -15% for ac on single frequency voltages - If necessary, replace coil with correct version. Coil burnt out - Why is the coil burnt? - Differential pressure too high (valve will not open and thereby consume too much power) - Too high ambient or media temperature, outside of specifications. - Moisture in the coil (the coil IP rating does not fit the application)
Do Danfoss products comply with RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)?
Yes, all declarations of conformity, including RoHS and WEEE, can be found in our internet product catalogue. Look up the product of your interest and find the relevant document either under the Literature link or the Approvals & Certificates link.
Does Danfoss offer a timer for solenoid valves?
Yes, we have the ET20M, code number 042N0185
Why does the coil get very hot?
Coils on solenoid valves can be relative hot when energized continuously, without any problems. If the coil over time has a malfunction or even starts to melt or burn, there is a technical problem that must be solved. Please check the application conditions like ambient/medium temperature and coil enclosure.
Can the Danfoss solenoid valves operate by themselves or do I need to buy other things?
All solenoid valves require electrical coils to work. The type of coil we recommend with the valve depends on your voltage requirements and other criteria, and the options can be seen the corresponding technical brochure. We also offer valves with coil assembled. Also often required is a cable plug to fit onto the coil and is for wiring up the electrics to the valve. Often with solenoid valves we recommend a filter, preferably a type with a removable element which can be cleaned. We would also recommend a check valve if the solenoid will experience back pressure. All Industrial Danfoss standard solenoid valves have female thread connections.
Why does the solenoid valve sound wrong (humming)?
The main reason is likely dirt or wear in the actuator system; this applies only for ac voltage systems.
How does a higher power rating specified coil influence the MOPD (Max. Opening Pressure Differential)?
In general a higher power rating on a specific coil type will lift the MOPD. Please download our technical brochure to compare different coil types MOPD.
Can you supply valve coils for hazardous areas?
Yes, Danfoss is able to supply coils to explosive risk areas (Eex coils) and coils for humid environments - IP67 rated coils.
Why does the solenoid valve not open?
Coils issues: • No voltage on coil - Check whether valve is de-energized open or closed (NO or NC): Use a magnetic detector. - Lift coil slightly and note whether it offers resistance. - Note: Never remove a coil with voltage applied - it might burn out. • No power to the coil (NC version) - check relay contacts, check lead connections and check fuses. • Incorrect voltage/frequency - Check to make sure that coil data is the same as the installation data. Measure the operating voltage at the coil. - Permissible voltage variation: - V±10% for dual frequency; dc and NO applications - +10% / -15% for ac on single frequency voltages - If necessary, replace coil with correct version. • Coil burnt out - Why is the coil burnt? - Differential pressure too high (valve will not open and thereby take a too high consumption of power) - Too high ambient or media temperature, outside of specifications. - Moisture in the coil (the coil IP rating does not fit the application) Valve issues: • Check for outside damage of the valve – e.g. has it been dropped? (bend armature tube) • Pilot connection blocked because of dirt or deposits. - Check the equalizing orifice - Eventually pilot filter or pilot drillings - Armature is stocked in the armature tube • The diaphragm function is limited - Because of wear out or swelling (EPDM exposed to oil)
Where can I find approvals and certificates for Danfoss products? E.g. do you have a PED certificate for KP7W?
You can find product approvals and certificates for all our products on our internet website. Follow this link to search for documents either by product or by authority:
I'm looking for a Danfoss code number and I have not found it in any catalogues?
Som code numbers are not available for all markets, or it may have been replaced by another number. To resolve the issue, please contact your nearest Danfoss office:
Could I send you a Danfoss part for repair?
Danfoss does not have repair departments locally. For warranty or complaints issues, please contact your nearest Danfoss sales office and they will tell you how we handle these issues in your area.
Can I test if my solenoid valve is working properly without mounting it in the system?
Yes, instead of a coil, you can mount our permanent magnet on the valve, manually checking if it opens and closes properly.
Do you offer steam valves complete with coil?
Yes, the EV215B and EV225B steam valves we have in complete versions with coil. If you add "84" as an appendix to the code number, you will get a 220-230V 50 Hz version, and a "90" gives you the complete 220V 60 Hz version.
Does Danfoss offer products with ATEX certificate (EEx)?
Yes, you can order solenoid coils, switches, pressure transmitters and temperature sensors with this approval.
Do you have sparepart kits for the EV valves?
Yes we have spare part kits for every EV type solenoid valve. To select the proper kit, you will need the valve code number - or specifications like type, seal material, orifice diameter and the function type, NO or NC. Please see our internet catalogue for options.
Do you have a Danfoss solenoid valve with code number 018F7251?
This reference is not for a valve, but for a coil. To specify the correct solenoid valve, please see our internet catalogue.
What is the difference between the EV220A and EV220B solenoid valves?
The EV220A valve is a valve with a compact actuator and coil system, suiting many applications with known specifications. The EV220B valve offers more flexibility and an even better performance.
Is it possible to order EV225B solenoid steam valves without coil?
Yes, you just add the appendix 99 to the valve code number, and buy the coil separately.
I would like to energize my solenoid valve for a short time with a controlled sequence - what could I do?
You can use our universal electronic timer, type ET20M, which you can set to an interval between 0 and 45 minutes, and the on-time of 0-15 seconds.
Is it possible to order only the coil for Danfoss solenoid steam valves?
Yes, please see our internet catalogue. As an example you can choose 032K1436xx (AC version) or 032K140902 (DC version).
I need a spare part for my product. Do you have that?
Please see the relevant accessories sections in our internet product catalogue, which will list all available spare part options for your market.
What IP ratings do the valves have?
IP ratings apply to the cable plug which is fitted onto the solenoid coil. Danfoss can supply cable plugs and coils to IP00 (no plug), IP20 (plastic protective cap), IP43 (only steam coils), IP65 (standard DIN plug) or IP67 (standard Danfoss terminalbox). The IP rating is the plug's protection against mechanical and moisture penetration. The first number relates to mechanical penetration and the second number is the moisture penetration - the higher the number, the greater the protection. Our IP67 coils can withstand submersion under water at a depth of 1 m for a period of 1/2 hour.
I have a coil here - which valve can I use?
As long as the coil is a Danfoss solenoid valve coil, you can use any valve which is suitable for your application. Danfoss have two main coil systems: Type A, a compact 9 mm coil system, usually black, which fits all valves with A as the 6th letter of the designation, e.g. EV220A. Type B coils, 13.5 mm, are usually blue in colour and fit all valves with B as the 6th designation, e.g. EV220B. For valve and coil selection, please see our internet product catalogue. If you require help in valve selection please contact us.
Can Danfoss supply a solenoid valve with the coil mounted?
In addition to the flexible separate programme, Danfoss also offers a programme of complete valves (valve body + coil). To select the appropriate code number, please check our internet catalogue.
My solenoid valve or coil is making a unpleasant noise, what could I do to fix it?
It could be a technical problem that you should check first of all - dirt or wear. This problem can be avoided by installing a filter before the valve. If there is no problem besides the noise, we recommend that you buy a hum-free coil type BN available for 220-230V AC voltage to get a completely noise-free operation.
How do I see if the coil of the valve is energized?
You can use our power indicator connector with an built-in LED (light). When the LED lights up, power is connected to the coil.
Can you deliver your products worldwide?
Yes, we have own distribution centre across the world, working together with more than 100 distributors and agents. You can see your nearest distributor or Danfoss office here:
Do you have a complete catalogue showing all your products?
Our internet product catalogue is the most extensive information source: Besides these products, Danfoss also produces customer-specific products and solutions that are not visible in the catalogue. Please contact your nearest Danfoss office to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.
Can you deliver products exclusively made for us?
Yes, we have the possibility to develop products that are unique for one customer subject to individual agreements. The products may differ in appearance, technical features or packaging. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Which distribution channels does Danfoss use?
Danfoss makes use of different channels, including distributors, to suit the markets' needs. An increasing number of our customers use our web ordering and EDI e-commerce solutions.
Can I review your stock online?
Yes. By using Danfoss web-ordering, you can check product availability. Please contact Danfoss to get access to web-ordering.
Where can I find technical drawings of Danfoss products?
Dimension and function drawings of our products are often part of the products'' technical leaflets. In our internet product catalogue (, find the product of your interest, then follow the Literature link to see available items.
Could I use any Danfoss coil for the B-series valves ?
No, only the B-series coils will fit the B-series valves. These coils are made for the 13.5 mm armature and are usually blue. To choose voltage, frequancy and other options, please see our internet catalogue.
Where do I direct commercial or technical questions?
Danfoss worldwide sales and services is available here: Your nearest Danfoss office will be able to answer your question, or have it directed to the appropriate expert.
Do you have local stock?
This depends on the country and product concerned. Our logistics are set up to achieve competitive and reliable delivery performance for our customers.
Where can we find your data sheets?
All relevant literature, including technical brochures, are available on our Web site:
Do you have local websites in my language?
Yes, please see and then use the "Local sites" option in the top right-hand corner.
Is it possible to place orders online?
Yes, you can place orders and access order information online. Please contact Danfoss to get access to web-ordering. You can see the benefits of Danfoss web-ordering at
Is AM230C a Danfoss valve?
No, it is a 230V AM coil for the A-range of valves.
Does Danfoss operate globally?
Yes. More than 100 Danfoss sales companies and more than 100 agents are spread across the world, making Danfoss nearby, always.
Is Danfoss a German company?
No, it is a globally acting group with headquarters in Denmark.
Can I order a solenoid valve with a 380V AC coil assembled?
We offer complete versions with voltages of 24V DC, 24V AC and 230V AC. If you need 380 V AC, please order the coil and valve separately.
Can I test the function of a solenoid valve by moving up and down the energized coil?
No, you should never take off the coil from the valve, when the coil is energized. There is a risk that it will momentally burn down. If you need to test it, you must first of all de-energize the coil. Danfoss offers a permanent magnet for manually testing valve function.
How can I connect a solenoid valve with a pressure/temperature switch?
You need to connect the power cable through the pressure/temperature switch. The on/off switch will energize or deenergize the solenoid valve coil.
Does Danfoss offer B-series coils in 42V a.c. or 48V d.c.?
Yes we have. Please order: Type BG: 018F6859 - 48V d.c. coil, 20 W. Type BE: 018F6708 - 42V a.c. coil, 10 W.
My solenoid valve is not working. What could be wrong?
The following has to be checked: 1) The medium can be used for the application 2) Seal material can be used with the medium 2) The diiferential pressure is within the specifications 3) Position of the valve is correct 4) Check the coil input, such as voltage and frequency according to specifications 5) Is the coil burned or disconnected? 6) Secure that the valve and the armature are not blocked with dirt
Can you send me a UL certificate for EV220A and an A-series coil?
This A-serie of valves and coils are UL recognized, not UL approved, and can therefore not be sold as single components. Therefore we recommend that you buy the B-series valves and coils, which are all UL listed.
I have some coils from another supplier, Can I use them with the Danfoss valves?
No, this is not possible; you need to use Danfoss coils with Danfoss solenoid valves.
Where can I find some technical information about your products?
Please see our online product catalogue:
Does Danfoss offer a solenoid valve KIWA approval, necessary to approve a water pump module?
No, but for the EV220B valve we have the English approval WRAS, the French approval ATTESTATION DE CONFORMITE SANITAIRE, ACS and the Polish approval PANSTWOWY ZAKLAD HIGIENY, PZH.
What do I need to know to select the right product?
The following are the basics for most products used in industrial environments: Application - Pressure - Temperature - Medium - Connection
Can I get quality control plans/process flowcharts/material specifications/FMEA for Danfoss products?
No, this is confidential information which cannot be shared outside Danfoss. Rare exceptions are cases of special legal agreements between Danfoss and the other company.
Can you send me literature, brochures or catalogues on your products?
We appreciate your interest and will happily send you an overview of our offering in print. Please contact your local Danfoss office or e-mail us on, describing your interest and application.
I placed an order through e-commerce. Could you please check the delivery dates and inform me the earliest possible delivery?
Delivery dates are supplied in the e-commerce system and based on Danfoss standards. If the confirmed delivery date is not acceptable, please contact Danfoss through e-mail or telephone.
Which coil type fits the EV220B valve?
You need B-type coil (usually blue in colour) to control a B-type valve.
Which coil should I choose to get a Normally Open (NO) valve?
The NC & NO operation types of the solenoid valve are determined by the valve, not the coil. The same coil can be used for both NO and NC valves.
I would like an 018Zxxxx coil but could not find it in the catalogue?
With the introduction of the user-friendly clip-on coil system, the coil ordering numbers 018Z changed to 018F. See our internet product catalogue to select the appropriate version.
Can I download product approvals & certificate from the Danfoss websites?
Yes, in our internet product catalogue, all product approvals & certificates are listed. If you are unable to local a specific document, please e-mail or call us.
I think my valve coil has short circuited, caused by water. Can I order an O-ring to place under the coil?
The coil can break down if water enters, because of a missing O-ring between the coil and the valve body. Extra o-rings (10 pcs., ordering no. 018F0094) are available. Please note that all solenoid valves are supplied with O-rings, not the coils.
The code no on my coil says 018F6176 I can not find this code no. in your catalogue/price list
The number 018F6176 is part of an assembly with code no. 018F6701.
Which media can Danfoss products be used with?
The answer depends on the materials in contact with medium for the particular product. This information can be found in the technical brochure / data sheet for the product. We have products designed specifically to handle particular media, including drinking water, oil, air, petrol, steam and more. If in doubt, please contact your nearest Danfoss office.

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